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What would you do if your organization’s sensitive data ended up in the street?

10 Apr, 2020

How to safeguard your data easily
Imagine this. Early in the morning, just before you head off to the office, you are browsing through the news items on your phone, when suddenly you feel a shiver go down your spine. While your heart pounds away, you read the words that appear to become larger and larger in an article on two hard disks that were found in a waste disposal bin. Apparently, these hard disks belong to your organization.

The same thing happened to the Dutch Ministry of Health, albeit that the hard disks belonging to the ministry have not been found yet. These disks contain copies of 6.9 million scanned donor forms, or in other words the donor choice of some 40% of the Dutch population. The forms also contain personal data, such as name, gender, date of birth, address, social security number and signature.

Where is your organization’s data stored?
In this case it was not your organization that lost sensitive data, but imagine if it were. What would happen? A better question might be: How can something like this happen? The answer can only be given when you know exactly which data your organization possesses. Then more questions will arise. Where is this data stored and how sensitive is it? Who manages this data? And how great is the risk of this data being lost or ending up out in the open?

Nowadays, we rapidly collect large amounts of data on all kinds of data media without even noticing. This makes it easy to lose sight. Unless we take precautionary measures. Would you like to have an overview of and take control over your organization’s data? If so, we advise you to make an inventory of this data. The next step is to ensure that the data is stored safely. Subsequently, you must write a simple procedure on how everyone in the organization treats data. In this procedure, you need to indicate which data your personnel are permitted to access, and when data and data media must be destructed.

We would love to take your data to bits
Well, we can imagine you do not feel like carrying out the huge task of making an inventory of and safeguarding your data. This is not surprising, as it is not your daily job. Fortunately, we can help you. At STROY we are specialized in data destruction according to the security levels that have been set by the European Association for Data Media Security (EA-DMS). We will gladly advise and guide you in making an inventory and in the destruction of your data.

Do you wish to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your organization’s data has been destructed safely? Contact us. We would love to take your data to bits.

STROY – We would love to take your data to bits

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