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Data destruction other media

About data destructionThe process

Also destroy other electronics

Your old data media

Discarding these data media in the normal way can bring high risks. STROY provides various solutions to organizations that wish to have their data media destructed in a secure manner. Data destruction by STROY always takes place on-site.

Depending on the degree of confidentiality of the information stored on the data media, we operate according to various security levels that have been set by the European Association for Data Media Security (EA-DMS). Of course we will be glad to advise your organization on the appropriate security level.


  • Physical destruction of your old Backup tapes
  • 100% Secure destruction of your old, sensitive data
  • Competitive pricing
  • EA-DMS certified
  • On-site destruction on your premises with our mobile shredder
  • Carried out by our certified professionals

Do you wish to have your old data media destructed?