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3 Tips on how to promote secure data destruction

13 Feb, 2020

It will not have gone unnoticed that the protection of your internal, strategic information, such as your clients’ personal information, has become a hot topic. That makes sense, because this information is treasured by every organization, and inadequate protection of this information can lead to irreversible damage to your reputation. Naturally, your business or organization will also require a well-functioning IT department that protects you against cybercrime committed by professional hackers.

Besides the necessary cyber security solutions, there are also other, simple and cost-effective ways in which everyone in your organization can contribute towards the safeguarding of everyone’s privacy. Here are three tips that will help you. A data secure world starts with you.

Tip 1: Use common sense
Think twice before you act. This simple rule also applies to data protection. For example, make sure that data media are not taken home by personnel or are lying about somewhere. All too often, someone loses a USB stick containing privacy sensitive information and someone else finds it later on. You want to prevent your organization from making the headlines, don’t you?

Therefore, it is important that everyone in your organization realizes that when certain confidential information on a data medium, such as a USB stick, hard disk or laptop, is removed, this does not mean that this information is no longer stored on that medium. In many cases, this information can still be recovered using the right devices.

Tip 2: Responsible data destruction
Technology is constantly being improved, but does not last forever, as devices can also break down. This includes the electronic data media that are so important to your organization. Many organizations decide not to repair these, but erase them instead and dispose of them in the waste disposal bin. Just because information has been erased from data media, does not mean that the data cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is important to remove sensitive data permanently. This is something that can only be carried out in a secure and responsible way when the data media are completely destructed under your supervision and in your presence.

In order to approach this in an effective way, it is important for you to have a central collection point in your organization where employees can deliver their irreparable data media. Naturally, it is also important that your staff know which devices may not be disposed of in the regular way and where the collection of irreparable data media takes place.

Nowadays, there are various alternatives available for the cost-effective on-site destruction of data media. Of these, the STROY Ultra Secure Filter is the only one in the Netherlands at present that enables shredding of data media into particles that measure no more than 2 millimetres.

Tip 3: Spread the news
This may go without saying, but it is very important to stress the importance of your employees being informed about the various ways in which they can improve data security. Make an effort to explain the various measures that employees can take. Take all the time you need for this and also explain why this is so important.

Weekly departmental meetings provide you with the opportunity to do this and also answer questions from employees, thereby clarifying any uncertainties. Ideally, employees will have the chance to read the new security instructions afterwards on the intranet or the server.

Consequently, you should keep repeating why it is vital that such information is treated in a responsible way. You can even turn it into a recurring agenda item and regularly mention the latest security incidents that have been in the news recently. And maybe the most important thing is to answer the question: How can everyone help to prevent similar incidents from taking place in your own organization?

Last but not least, it can be very encouraging for everyone in your organization when positive security results that have been attained by your own employees are shared with the rest of the team. At the end of the day, this will encourage other employees to do their bit as well.

In any case, a data secure world will only become reality when everyone makes an effort towards achieving this.

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